Visual leak testing

Detecting leaks by an operator

To detect leaks of production parts, under water visual testing can be used. If using this cost-effective method in an automatized way, ultrasonic-bubble-detection can be easily used and integrated. First of all, apply pressure to the test object and then dive it into the water bath. If there is detected a leak, air bubbles rise. The operator observes this process. The so called operator test is one of the oldest and most common methods for leak testing. Thus the bubble test is still used for different kinds of production parts. Apart from the bubble-test there is also a so called operator test.

Your advantage
  •  subjective leak testing (operator leak testing)
  • manual and automatic assembly line
  • independent from temperature and volume
Application areas
  • automotive industry ( air conditions for cars, fuel systems, steering columns, …)
  • sanitary technology