Ultrasonic bubble detection

Leak testing by ultrasonic-bubble-detection

To detect leaks of production parts, under water visual testing can be used. If using this cost-effective method in an automatized way, ultrasonic-bubble-detection can be easily used and integrated. First of all, apply pressure to the test object and then dive it into the water bath. If there is detected a leak, air bubbles rise.  The bubbles can be detected and localised by the so called ultrasonic-bubble-detection-system. This method can be used and applied for fuel tanks, heat exchangers and pipings as well as hydraulic cyclinders.

Your advantage
  • objective and transparent leak testing
  • testing of various parts in one basin
  • directly localizing measuring method
  • low test gas costs due to test gas air
  • semi- or fully automatic
  • maintenance-free ultrasonic system
  • no periodic calibration needed
  • no vacuum components
  • low operation costs
  • more than one object possible
Application areas
  • automotive industry (fuel systems, brake lines, compressed air tanks, steering columns, hydraulic cyclinders)
  • anitation technology (fittings)
  • industrial applications (pumps)