Ultrasonic leak tester

Helium leak tester – Reliable leak testing for serial production

Detecting and localizing reliably leakages up to 10-12mbar x l/s

Within the so called Manhattan-Project helium leak testing was used the first time in 1942. Nowadays helium leak testing is one of the most established and most precise methods for leak testing in industrial Serial production and in labs.

Beside helium leak testing under vacuum, that needs a high vacuum in the mass spectrometer  (p< 10-4 mbar), helium leak testingin atmosphere is also used.  The detection limit using helium leak testing under vacuumis at10-12 mbar * l/s for a mass spectrometer . Typical leak testing systems perform between  10 -3 – 10-7 mbar *l/s.
The detection limit using helium leak testing in atmosphere is at 10-6mbar x l/sTypical leak testing systems perform between 10-2 – 10-4 mbar * l/s.  Both leak testing methods can be fully automatized. An automatic leak testing systems can be completely automatized with robot handling or the worker handles the test objects. In both cases the leak test is completely automatized. 

Your advantages
  • objective and transparent leak test under vacuum
  • single or multiple chamber assembly
  • automatic assembly with robot handling
  • no drying of the test object needed
  • helium recovery (option)
  • more than one product variant possible (on demand)
  • reducing cycle time by additional test chamber (option)