Differential pressure leaktester

Leak testing by differential pressure

Differential pressure leak tester – Quick and cost-effective operation

Leak testing by differential pressure is a cost-effective and quick testing operation for detecting leaks. It is a so called indirect method, that registers the generated change of pressure but not the amount of air. In general, it is used with small volumes or higher leak rates. Leaks can be detected up to a limit of 10-4 mbar x l/s. The leak tester can also be layouted as completely automatic or semi-automatic.

Your advantages
  • objekctive leak testing
  • dry parts
  • low investment costs
  • low operational costs
  • quick and precise with small volumes
Application areas
  • automotive industry (fuel tanks, fuel pipes and pumps, airbag activator, etc.)
  • packaging industry (plastic container for food and pesticides)
  • vacuum technology
  • elektronics (lamps, fluorescent tubes, flat screens, etc.)
  • medical technology (cardiac pacemakers, catheters)